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1.  Am I required to attend an academy before I begin working with the Lee County Sheriff's Office as a Deputy Sheriff?  No.  Alabama state law requires that all persons wishing to become law-enforcement officers must attend a certified training academy within 6 months of being hired by any agency.  Prior to attending an academy, new employees are assigned to our Training Division where they are prepared for their academy experience.

How long is the academy?  This actually depends upon which academy we send you to.  We currently utilize the Jefferson County Sheriff's Academy which runs for 14 weeks.  The classes run Monday thru Friday (depending on Holidays) and you are free to return home on the weekends.

While I am away attending the academy am I required to work on weekends?  No.  During the time that you are enrolled in the academy that is your job assignment.  You are not required to perform any other duties during this time.

Am I paid while I am attending the academy?  Yes.  Once you begin employment with the Sheriff's Office your pay continues no matter what duties you are assigned.

Once I graduate from the academy am I ready to go to work?  No.  Once you graduate from the academy you will begin a 10-12 week FTO program with the Lee County Sheriff's Office.  This program will acclimate you to your new surroundings and introduce you to our policy and procedures.  During this time you will be assigned Field Training Officers that will evaluate your job performance and help to guide you through the program.  Upon successful completion of this program you are now considered to be ready to go to work.

Is there a probationary period for new employees?  Yes.  All new employees are considered to be in a probationary status during their first 6 months of hire except those hired as deputy sheriffs, which runs for 1 year.  During this time of probation new employees are evaluated on a montly basis to make sure they are receiving the necessary training.

Am I required to work different shifts?  Yes.  Most of the jobs within the Sheriff's Office do require shift work, except those jobs in Court Security, Secretarial positions and Civil Process.  Currently all jobs requiring shift work are based on a 12 hour day and include a 4 on - 4 off type schedule. 

Do other positions within the Sheriff's Office require going to an academy?  Yes.  If you are hired as a corrections officer you must also attend an academy, which normally runs for 2 to 3 weeks and is usually taught locally.  All other positions do not require an academy type setting but may require that you attend some type of certification class.

What are the steps that I must go through in order to get hired?  This may vary slightly depending on the position you are applying but generally after you turn in an application you will be contacted for an interview if your application has met the requirements for the position.  Those applying for the position of Deputy Sheriff or Corrections Officer must first pass an agility test (for further information click on the button on the left).  The first interview will consist of a board comprised of 4 - 6 people.  Those persons passing this phase shall then be asked to complete a background investigation, this process can take up to a month to complete.  A second interview may be scheduled with Sheriff Jones at this time and he will make the final decision.

Is a drug test required?  Yes.  All persons hired by the Lee County Sheriff's Office are required to submitt to a pre-employment drug screen and in addition random drug screening is conducted throughout the year.