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Physical Fitness Entry Level Standards for Lee County Deputy Sheriff's and Correction Officer Applicants

All applicants for the position of Deputy Sheriff or Corrections Officer are required to meet specific physical fitness standards.

Training for law enforcement officers has shown that there is liability risk to the officer and agency if officers are not trained and do no maintain appropriate levels of fitness for performing critical tasks.  There are 12 essential/critical physical tasks common to all law enforcement officers:

*running short and moderate distances
*climbing stairs and ladders
*jumping and dodging obstacles
*lifting and carrying objects and people
*dragging and pulling objects and people
*pushing and pulling heavy objects
*using short and moderate duration force with subjects
*using restraining devices
*using restraining/control holds
*using hands/feet for self defense

To insure minimum levels of fitness, all applicants will be tested during the hiring process to determine their physical ability and physical agility levels.  The following information describes the testing process, as well as the minimum standard required to be considered for hiring.  These standards are required by the Alabama Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC).

The Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission Physical Ability/Agility Test has been validated for content, is gender and age neutral, and is patterned after the Cooper Clinic's approved cardiovascular fitness and dynamic strength test.  All applicants are held to the same fitness standard.

The APOSTC Physical Ability/Agility test consists of 4 events:
*Obstacle Course
*1.5 mile timed run
*22 push-ups in one minute
*25 sit-ups in one minute

Obstacle Course
During the course the applicant pushes a standard patrol vehicle (while in neutral) a distance of 15 feet.  The applicant then runs a short distance and climbs either a six-foot wall or chain link fence.  Next, the applicant proceeds to an obstacle similar to a small window and crawls through.  The applicant then sprints to a balance beam elevated approximately four inches off the ground.  After walking the lenght of the balance beam the applicant drags a 165 pound dummy 15 feet.  There is a 90 second time limit for the entire test.

1.5 mile timed run
The applicant is required to run exactly 1.5 miles within 15 minutes and 28 seconds.

22 push-ups
The applicant is required to perform 22 standard push-ups within a 1 minute period.

25 sit-ups
The applicant is required to perform 25 standard sit-ups within a 1 minute period.

Each applicant is given one try at these tests.  All events are pass/fail, no extra points awarded for exceeding the requirements.  Any applicant failing any portion of the testing process will be eliminated from consideration at that point.  Applicants who fail the test may re-apply at anytime and will be considered during the next hiring phase.

Any person hired by the Lee County Sheriff's Office as a Deputy Sheriff must pass this same test upon entry into an approved academy.