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These are some questions we have encountered during the sign up process:

  1. I no longer drive.  Can I still participate in Yellow Dot?  Yes.  The decal and folder can be placed in the vehicle(s) you are normally a passenger in.  You can also be given an extra folder to keep in a purse, etc. that will protect them when riding in additional vehicles.
  2. I wish my "mother" were here, this program would be great for her.  We will give you a folder, decal, information sheet and brochure for your "mother".  They can attach photo of their own or go to one of the permanent enrollment stations at a latter date to have a free photo taken.
  3. I am not a senior citizen, can I still participate?  Yes, Yellow Dot is being offered to anyone of any age.
  4. I don't have any medical conditions and am on no medication, should I still enroll?  Yes, Yellow Dot will still benefit you.  First responders would have a list of your emergency contacts.  Be sure to write the word "none" under medical conditions, allergies and medications.  This will enable first responders to know that there are no pre-existing medical conditions that need to be considered when treating you.
  5. Will you keep my information?  No. The only thing we ask is that you sign an enrollment sheet so we can keep up with the number of individuals participating in the program.  All of your information goes with you and is kept in your vehicle.
  6. I don't want to have my picture taken today.  No problem, we will give you everything that you need to participate in the program and you can attach a photo of your own or come back at a later date and have a free photo taken.
  7. Can I place Yellow Dot in my RV or boat?  Yes, in fact you can affix the sticker to your house if you desire.
  8. If I trade my vehicle in or wreck my vehicle, how do I get another decal?  Simply go to one of the permanent enrollment stations for a new decal.
  9. My list of medical conditions/medications will not fit in the space allowed.  If you have your information with you, we can photocopy it and paperclip it to your medical information sheet, if not just make a copy and put it into the folder, making sure to note on the provided medical form that there is additional information.
  10. This would be great for my brother who lives in _______ County, what other counties are participating?  Etowah, Marshall, Cherokee, Pike, Montgomery, Colbert, Henry, Houston, Escambia, Clay, Butler, Dale, Geneva, Clarke, Madison, Jefferson, Baldwin, Covington, Russell, Shelby and more are added each month.
  11. I don't live in Lee County can I still sign up? Most definitely, however, the first responders in your county may or may not have heard about the program.  It will still be available for their use if you are able to direct them to the glove box or if they look there for information.
  12. What other states is this program in?  Connecticut, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Virginia and New York.