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The transmitter costs $300.00 and this includes the tester used to test the signal each day.

New batteries cost $10.00 and must be replaced each month, a member of the Lee County Sheriff's Office will travel to your location to replace the battery each month and to inspect the equipment.  The caregiver must be present during this time so that any problems encountered can be adddressed.


It shall be understood that although the transmitters are purchased by and for the person(s) enrolled in the program that they remain the property of the Lee County Sheriff's Office and if for any reason it is determined that a person no longer needs to be enrolled in the program, the transmitter shall be returned to the Lee County Sheriff's Office and may be issued to another individual at that time.

For those persons unable to afford the cost of the equipment some scholarships may be available that will help offset the costs.  Information concerning these scholarships may be obtained through the Lee County Sheriff's Office by contacting Captain James Majors @ 334-737-3562.