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Like many of you today we are all concerned about the high cost of living, it seems that no matter where you turn some one is asking you for money, but not here.  There is absolutely no cost to the subscriber for this program.  The only requirement is that a questionnaire be filled out so that you or your family members information can be entered into a database.  This information is not shared or given to anyone but is needed in case of an emergency.  A copy of this questionnaire can be found on this web site or you may come by the Lee County Sheriff's Office to pick up a copy or you can simply call in and we will take your information over the phone.  We do ask that at some point we do have a face to face meeting so that we can fully explain the program to you or your family members.  This will also allow us to get a full description of your residence so that it will be easier to find in case we have to dispatch a deputy to your location.  Once the questionnaire is filled out it will take a couple of days for your information to be entered into the system and we will make a couple of test calls to make sure that the system is working properly and that you are satisfied with the system.  You can stop subscribing to the system at any time you wish.