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The Transport Division is responsible for the transportation of inmates, juveniles and mental patients to and from different facilities across the State of Alabama.  During an average month the deputies assigned to this division may travel more than 6000 miles and have even topped 8000 miles on several different occassions.  Having deputies assigned to this division elliminates the practice of using deputies on patrol duty to perform transports which pull them away from their patrol areas.  This allows for an increased law-enforcement presence to citizens in rural Lee county.

Currently there are 3 deputies assigned to the Transport Division with the unit commanded by a sergeant and a corporal.  They are responsible for the coordination and pickup of individuals throughout the state.  The deputies within this unit are trained in the safe transport of individuals to insure that the deputies and the individuals they are transporting reach their destination safely.


When the deputies are not busy doing transports they assist the other divisions with court security, civil service and patrol duties.