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In the year 2000 Sheriff Jay Jones along with the Chiefs of police from the cities of Auburn and Opelika got together and decided to combine their resources and formed the "Lee County SWAT Team".  This county wide tactical unit comprises officers from the two cities as well as the Sheriff's Office with each department responsible for the personnel it places on the team.  In its inception, the county wide team was commanded by Captain Steve Meadows and since his retirement it has been decided that the role of the commander would rotate from department to department each year.  The Sheriff or the Chief whose jurisdiction the team is operating in has the ultimate authority over the team during an on-going operation.

The county wide team trains two days a month with each department assigned days that they are responsible for the training.  It is the responsibility of each department to have their personnel available to attend training.  In addition, each department is responsible for outfitting their personnel with any equipment or uniforms that are needed.

The SWAT team is used primarily in the service of felony warrants and search warrants.  When the Sheriff's Office or the police department decides that a warrant is to be served, a call is put out to each agency to see how many members are available at the time needed.  The team is then put together based on the availability from each department and an overall commander is picked by the agency requesting the assistance.  Once the mission is completed or if an un-forseen problem occurs, it is the responsibility of the individual team members to contact their supervisors to let them know what is going on and then that information is passed up the chain of command within each agency.

The county wide SWAT team is also joined by members of the medical community.  Several local paramedics are also members of the SWAT team and provide emergency care to the officers/deputies if needed.  These paramedics donate their time and efforts to this cause to insure that any team member that is injured has prompt medical care.  A paramedic is included in all training and callouts if possible.  The Sheriff's Office along with each police department provided each member of the medical staff with protective gear to be used during tactical operations.