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The Lee County Sheriff's Office is supported in its day to day operations by a very dedicated group of individuals that comprise the Reserve Deputy Division.  Currently we have 40 individuals that donate their time and effort in assisting the Lee County Sheriff's  Office.  This unit is made up of a wide variety of individuals; to include college students, buisiness owners, retirees and many others.  The Reserve Deputy Division falls under the command of the Patrol Division and is commanded by Captain Craig Meadows.  Captain Meadows oversees the day to day operations of the unit and works with a reserve commander picked from within the ranks of the reserves. 

Reserves are responsible for working many details falling under the jurisdiction of the Lee County Sheriff's Office.  Without these dedicated men and women it would not be possible to cover the many requests we receive requesting security.  They also provide an invaluable service to the Patrol Division by supplying addtional personnel in the patrol cars.  Reserve deputies are encouraged to ride with the deputies as often as possible, thereby adding additional personnel which greatly enhances our patrol capabilities.

We encourage anyone interested to please apply.  Many of our current employees started off as a reserve deputy and then decided to become a full-time deputy.  Please check the links on the left side of this page to find additional information.

Currently all of our reserve positions are filled and we are not accepting any new applications.  Please check back often to see if a position has become available.

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