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1.  How do you become a  Reserve Deputy?  The first thing you must do is fill out an application and submit it for approval.  You can download a copy of the application from this website under the employment tab.  It is the same application used for all employees.  Be sure to note on the application that you are applying for Reserve Deputy so that it will be routed to the proper person.

2.  If I apply do I automatically become a Reserve Deputy?  No.  This is an application process just like for any job.  A complete background investigation will be conducted and completed before you can go any futher.  Once a list is compiled of potential candidates then an interview is conducted and the most qualified individuals are selected.

3.  How many Reserve Deputies can you have?  We currently have 40 positions allotted for this division and are currently at full staff.  We continue to take applications because there is always some turn over due to some members graduating or others moving on.

4.  Are there any physical requirements for being a Reserve Deputy?  Yes, you must be able to complete the same physical requirements that certified deputies must meet.  Those requirements are listed on this web-site under "EMPLOYMENT".

5.  Do I have to supply my own gun?  Yes, we are not able to provide a firearm for each reserve.

6.  Is there any particular make or model weapon required?  No, however we encourage anyone purchasing a weapon specifically for this purpose to contact us before doing so as there are some requirements that must be met.  All weapons must be semi-automatic weapons and be either 9mm or 40 cal.  In addition, all certified deputies are issued Glock weapons by the Sheriff's Office and we have several certified armorers within the Sheriff's Office so if you purchase this type of weapon we can service it in-house.

7.  What type of basic equipment will I need  to purchase?  Most of your equipment will be provided for you, this will include most of your leather gear and assorted uniforms.  If you purchase a weapon other than a Glock pistol we cannot provide the holster for that weapon.  You will also be responsible for purchasing your own bullet resistant vest.  Since those are tailored specifically to an individual we cannot provide those to our reserves.  We will assist you in getting measured for the correct type of vest.  You will also be required to purchase a Pistol Permit.

8.  So, when everything is said and done how much money is all this going to cost me?  Your total start up cost should be approximately $750.00 depending on what equipment you buy.  If you already have a suitable weapon then of course that number drops dramtically.

9.  OK, now I have my weapon, my vest and my badge, when can I go out and arrest someone?  Never!  Reserve Deputies have no more arrest power than a normal citizen since they are not certified deputies.  All reserves work under the command of a Patrol Supervisor whenever they work any detail and must follow their orders.

10.  How much do I get paid being a Reserve Deputy?  This is a volunteer position and therefore is a non-paid position.  There may be some jobs performed that will entitle you to compensation but those are not frequent and cannot be counted on for an income.  The Reserve Program recieves payment for services performed by the reserves and this money is put into an account and then it used to purchase equipment and supplies for the reserves. 

11.  Is there training offered?  Yes, all of our new reserves are required to go through a 3 month probationary period during which they are instructed in the various areas needed to become familiar with the job.  Also, there is a mandatory meeting of all reserves held the first Monday of each month during which various training topics are discussed.  All reserves are also eligable for any in-service training conducted for the full time deputies.

12.  Why is there a meeting of the reserves held?  This gives us a opportunity to meet with everyone as a group and to make everyone aware of any upcoming events, such as training dates or details that must be covered.  Usually a meal is prepared for everyone that attends and it is a time for all the new people to meet everyone.

13.  Are reserves required to qualify with their weapons?  Yes, each reserve must qualify with his or her weapon at least once a year.  Reserves use the same course that all deputies use and a minimum score of 70% is required.

14.  What about other weapons, such as pepper spray or a baton?  Anyone carrying these weapons must first qualify with each.  Each weapon has its own set of qualifications such as pepper spray.  In order to carry it you must first pass a written exam and then be sprayed with it so that you will know what the affects of it are.  Reserves are not required to carry pepper spray if they do not wish to go through the training.

15.  Can reserves work in any other areas besides the Patrol Division?  Yes, from time to time we do need additional personnel in Communications or Investigation.  Any requests from those divisons will be handled by the Patrol Commander and additional personnel may be assigned.  Also, if a reserve has a particular interest in a particular division we will do everything we can to make some time available for them to work in those areas, keeping in mind that the Patrol Division will be your primary area of responsibility.