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Lee County, Alabama

2012 Mission Information


Department/Office:    Lee County Sheriff’s Office


Mission of Sheriff’s Office: 

To provide public safety services to the citizens of Lee County in a professional manner while utilizing our resources efficiently and economically.

Objectives of the Sheriff’s Office:

The main objectives of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office are:

  • To provide law enforcement, detention services and judicial system assistance.
  • To attract, hire and retain best possible qualified personnel.
  • To provide our employees with the resources necessary to accomplish our stated mission.
  • To have mutually beneficial interaction with the citizens we serve.
  • To focus on the areas of crime prevention, public education and community service.
  • To continue our school based resource program.
  • To seek continuous improvement in all aspects of our mission and objectives.


Accomplishments of the Past Year:


  • Returned $200,000.00 to the county general fund through grants, school board appropriations, military surplus funding and federal task force funding.
  • Took over Solid Waste Enforcement and have already doubled the number of citations issued.
  • Updated the intercom system within the old part of the jail allowing better communications between inmates and the corrections staff.
  • Implemented a new tracking system for our patrol units that allow our dispatchers to instantly identify the locations of all patrol units and will aid in the dispatch of calls to the nearest unit, thereby cutting down on response times. 
  • Implemented the Yellow Dot program becoming the 12th county in the state to have this program.
  • Implemented the radKIDS program for the youth of Lee County and have taught several classes throughout the year.
  • Held two Jr. Deputy Summer Camps this year with over 45 attendees.
  • Hosted several training seminars which brought in officers from all over the state to Lee County.
  • Expanded the School Resource program.
  • Have expanded the Deputy of the Month award to include all employees, now calling it Employee of the Month and have added Employee of the year.
  • Expanded upon our leadership training for all supervisors by holding training classes every other Friday.
  • Brought the new software on line that allows for instant reporting by the deputies in the field.
  • Continue to upgrade and modify the new software to better fit our needs.
  • Hosted the 2010 Alabama Tactical Officers Association annual conference/competition, bringing in the largest number of attendees in state history.


Goals for Fiscal Year 2012


  • Continue our emphasis on education and training of all our personnel.
  • To provide professional, effective and efficient public safety service to the citizens of Lee County.
  • Continue to fund the Deputy James Anderson Memorial Fund to help graduating seniors in Lee County continue their education; this will be done without using any budgeted funds.
  • Host training events to help raise funds for future training of our and area agencies.
  • Continue to develop infrastructure to provide real-time information/data sharing among all local public safety agencies.
  • Upgrade our website to include real time searches for inmates incarcerated at the Lee County Detention Center and to have on line reporting available for the citizens of Lee County.
  • Continue regional Law Enforcement training through utilization of our new facilities within the expanded Sheriff’s Office/Detention Center
  • Establish an interdiction unit to patrol major highways in Lee County to cut down the transportation of illegal drugs and to increase seizures of property to help generate funds for the Sheriff’s Office through civil forfeitures.
  • Establish a county-wide drug enforcement task force to combat the sale and use of illegal drugs.
  • Certifying top level management in corrections as Certified Jail Managers
  • Attempting to establish an in-house APOSTC Academy that will serve all of Lee County, plus surrounding counties that will cut training costs dramatically.
  • Continue efforts to expand community based corrections programs administered by Sheriff’s Office personnel: (1) In-house drug treatment program (2) Expand existing work-release program (3) Institute day-reporting program.
  • Strive to utilize emerging practices in the field of criminal justice that emphasize effective, efficient and successful solutions to contemporary and anticipated challenges in our profession.
  • Enhance our capabilities in regard to communication and information sharing with local, state, regional and federal law enforcement agencies.


Goals for Fiscal Year 2013


  • Seeking and obtaining outside funding for specialized functions and missions to augment county budget allocations.
  • Continuing to promote professionalism and high standards in public safety service in Lee County through the continued training and education of all our personnel.
  • Take advantage of advances in technology to provide accurate and current information to the citizens of Lee County.
  • Expand our School Resource Officer program to provide additional deputies for each school attendance zone in Lee County.
  • Continue to develop mutually beneficial relationships with public and private sector businesses to further enhance our position as a service provider for Lee County citizens.
  • Comply with the federal mandated standards for our communications systems to ensure best possible communications infrastructure is in place and operating at peak efficiency.
  • Continue to work on bringing an APOSTC Academy to this area to reduce costs in training for all local agencies.
  • Continue research in areas of wireless communication systems to ensure best practices at our agency.