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 Family and friends of inmates in Lee County Jail can now instantly deposit funds to inmate accounts using the internet! Visit and for phone deposits, call (404) 891-0641.



Phone Cards

Phone cards will be sold in denominations of $10.00 and $20.00 with a maximum purchase weekly of $40.00.  There is no other fee when purchasing phone cards and you will be able to dial cell phones with these cards.  Phone cards will be distributed to inmates on the same day they are purchased so there will be no wait to use them.  Phone cards will be numbered on the inmates store order sheet as 9800 or 9801.  Below is a chart showing the charges for any call made by an inmate:

Out of State Long Distance

Collect                Debit                  Prepaid
Initial Charge           4.84                   3.50                     3.50
Minute Charge        0.89                   0.50                     0.50
Max Call Time         15 min              15 min                15 min
Max Call Charge     17.30                10.50                  10.50

Long Distance In-State

Initial Charge           3.74                   2.90                     2.90
Minute Charge        0.49                   0.40                     0.40
Max Call Time        15 min               15 min                15 min
Max Call Charge    10.60                  8.50                     8.50

Local and Local Cellphones

Initial Charge           3.00                    2.50                     2.50
Minute Charge        0.00                    0.00                     0.00
Max Call Time        15 min                15 min                15 min
Max Call Charge     3.00                    2.50                     2.50

Inmates may purchase phone cards from the commissary, pay online via the AGM website or pay by MoneyGram at all Wal-Mart locations.  There is a $5.00 service fee for each credit card transaction made on the AGM Website along with a $6.50 fee charged by MoneyGram for their service at Wal-Mart.  When purchasing phone cards from the commissary, there is no added fee for you or the inmate.  Also, the inmate that has purchased a prepaid phone card may call any number they wish to call without having to wait for an account to be set-up.  Also, the inmate may call cell phones with a prepaid card and will be charged according to the rates above.  If you need any more information regarding rates, you may call AGM at 1-800-398-0113 during normal business hours.

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Scan Forms

Effective 11/6/07, inmates will no longer fill out the traditional store order form to make a purchase.  They will be given a master order form that will be kept in their cell at all times.  Every week they will be given scan forms which they will fill out to make a purchase.  A sample scan form will be placed in every cell for them to refer to.

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Order Limit

Inmates maximum order limit for hygiene and food items will remain $35.00.  Along with this limit, they will have a $40.00 limit for purchasing phone cards and a $20.00 limit for purchasing clothing items.  This allows the inmate to still receive the same amount of items they have been receiving and purchase phone cards and clothing items as well.  An inmates maximum purchase per week will not exceed $95.00.

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Lobby Kiosk

The lobby kiosk is located in the lobby of the WS "Buck" Jones Administration Center and will be utilized by inmate's family and friends for the purpose of placing funds on an inmate's account.  Beginning December 8, 2007 no more money orders will be accepted for placement on an inmate's account.  The lobby kiosk accepts cash deposits in denominations of $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00 dollar bills.  The kiosk does not accept $1.00 dollar bills.  The minimum deposit into the kiosk will be $5.00 and the maximum deposit will be $300.00.  There is a $3.00 dollar processing fee when depositing funds into the kiosk.  A receipt is given to the individual making the deposit.  Also the kiosk accepts debit and credit cards.  The same rules apply to the deposit with the exception of the processing fee.  0 - $20.00 is a $3.95 processing fee for this transaction.  Rates go higher as the amount deposited increases.

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Funds in Mail

Beginning December 8, 2007 we will no longer accept money orders through the mail.  Funds can be placed on their account from a remote location via the internet or by calling a toll free telephone number.  They will be given information regarding how to post these funds on the inmate's account.  To make internet payments, go to or you may call toll free at 1-800-574-5729.

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Funds Posting

Once a transaction has been placed into the kiosk or via internet or phone, it is automatically posted onto that inmate's account.

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Inmate Release

If an inmate is released prior to receiving their store order for that week, they must return to the Detention Center to pick up their order within 72 hours of their release.  If they cannot pick it up, a family member may pick up their commissary order after they have signed stating they picked it up.  If they choose to leave it to another inmate, they must write on a request slip stating their intentions and they must give it to an officer and have them sign the request slip.  If they fill out a request and leave it in the cell, it will not be validated and their commissary order will be distributed to indigent inmates.  If they do not pick their order up within 72 hours of their release, it will be distributed to indigent inmates.

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