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The Lee County Sheriff's Office has a unit of dedicated men and women that are responsible for the service of civil papers.  This unit was developed in 1999 during Sheriff Jones's first term.  He realized that the deputies were spending all of their time serving papers and hardly any time patrolling the rural areas.  By developing a division that was entirely dedicated to the service of civil papers it allowed the certified deputies to concentrate their efforts on law-enforcement duties and to be available to assist the citizens of Lee County more rapidly.

This division is made up of non-certified employees and is commanded by a Lieutenant.  Each person  within the division is assigned an area to work and is given a specific amount of papers to serve each day.  At the end of the day the papers that were served are turned in and sent to the Circuit Clerk's office for further processing.  Those that were not served are left at the Sheriff's Office for 3 days so that the person whose name is on the papers will have a chance to contact the Sheriff's Office to either come by and pick up the papers or call and make arrangements for them to be served at a later time.  After the 3 days are up, the papers are re-assigned and sent back out and this repeated until the papers are served or returned as not being to be served.  For those person(s) that we are unable to locate during normal business hours, those papers are turned over to the Patrol Division so that service may be attempted during later hours.  Any papers that require a certified deputy to serve them are immediately turned over to the Patrol Division so that they may attempt service.