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There will be clerks on duty from 8am until 5pm (CST) Monday through Friday to prepare bail bonds.  For bonds under $3,000.00 we require only 1 property owner.  For bonds over $3,000.00 we will require 2 Lee County property owners.  For any bond, misdemeanor or felony, the property to be used must be located in Lee County.  We do not accept split bonds (property located in two separate counties).

For property to be used on any bond, the owner must have the tax assessors print out sheet from the tax assessors office.  The tax assessors office is located at the Lee County Courthouse, 215 South 9th Street.  This sheet is needed to show that the property taxes are current and the person(s) signing the bond must have a valid picture identification (Alabama drivers license, any state issued ID or a current passport).  If more than one person is listed as an owner of the property, then each owner listed must come in and sign the bond.  If an owner listed on the property is deceased, a death certificate must be shown before the bond will be approved.

Bail bonds can also be done after 5pm (CST) and on weekends by a Corrections Officer as long as the necessary paper work is shown.